Wise Decisions

Wise Decisions

Since we were young, decision making has been a vital part of our everyday lives. “Should I buy the toy or not?” or “Should I pick the red dress rather than the blue one?” Our decisions are what lead us to live a good life, and a series of good decisions makes us feel satisfaction. However, one thing we tend to do when faced with a decision is that we procrastinate on it, especially if it’s a huge one, and we cannot decide right away due to our fear of making the wrong decision. We lean on the nearest person and ask them about it rather than thinking about it ourselves. Decision making is crucial and becomes more and more important as you get older. Because, your life will always depend on the choices you make.

Making wise decisions is not simple, but with the help of recognizing the needed guidelines to remember, we may be able to choose the wisest without the uncertainty and fear and with assurance.

“The chief enemy of making wise decisions is lack of perspective”

This truthful statement is told by The School of Life, a YouTuber who talks mainly about life lessons.

Considering other perspectives on your problem can aid you in taking the right path and creating a sound solution.

Second, consider your wants. Yes, it may be that you want can be a factor of making a wrong decision, but once you see that what you want is really the right one for you, do not hesitate to take it. All we need is a little courage to take a step towards what we really desire.

Third, seek for advice of others, but it is up to you to make the choice. It is only you that is in charge of your life, and no one should decide for you and your life. Go ask people for advice on your current situation. This is to only get their unique perspective in your problem, but, always, make the choice yourself.

Fourth, gut feeling. Gut feeling is our instinct, a reaction based on, well, nothing. We just feel it. However, many suggest that going with what your gut says, simply because it is our brain’s way of saying that something is up, and it may be beneficial or the opposite.

Fifth, right state of mind. Never, ever, EVER, make a decision while stressed, drunk or just in a poor state of mind. The last thing everyone would want is feeling the bitter taste of regret and facing the consequences of the wrong move you made while not even knowing about it. Focus and think thoroughly about it first before making any rash decisions.

Sixth, practice. Decision making is a skill that can be taught and also practiced. Try to incorporate decision making to your every day routine, and just put it into practice. It will improve, and as you go on, making the wise decisions would be second nature to you.

Making wise decisions, especially one that will hugely impact your life, can be hard. But, keep these guidelines in mind, and be rest assured that you will make the right choice.

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