New Hobbies to Try During the Quarantine

New Hobbies to Try During the Quarantine

Everyone’s lives have changed because of the pandemic, and we are forced to embrace a new normal in our society. Because of the high infection rate of COVID-19, the government and health agencies are advising us to stay indoors and to work or study from home. Some of us easily get bored indoors, so here are some new hobbies that you could try while in quarantine:


While in quarantine, you should try to pick up a pencil or a paintbrush and just start making art. Let your imagination run free! You can experiment with different forms of art, whether drawing people, landscapes, or even filling up that coloring book you bought months ago. It’s a great way to de-stress, and you can do all of this at home.


Braiding is one of the cheapest hobbies you can do at home. It only requires a comb, some hair ties, and of course, hair! There are plenty of tutorial videos online that offer you step-by-steps on different kinds of braids. You can experiment braiding with your own hair, or you can offer to braid the hair of someone else in your household.


Staying indoors all day can cause some of us to gain weight, but most of the gyms are still closed during the quarantine. To solve that, why not try exercising at home? You can look for different tutorials on the internet on what kind of routine you should start with, so you can still be healthy and active even on quarantine. Besides, a healthy body is also less susceptible to diseases.


If you’re a fan of reading books, then you should try writing while in quarantine. Whether you have a notepad or want to type on your computer, just let those words flow! In creative writing, you can write poems or short stories. However, you can also try journalism or content writing for a change!


Music has always been a way for us to relax and unwind, and during quarantine, you can try learning a new instrument. Go to online shops and buy that instrument you’ve been wanting to try for a long time, or you can even practice your vocal cords and try singing some songs.

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