Look at Art This Way and You’ll Never Be The Same

Look at Art This Way and You'll Never Be The Same

People usually spend less than a minute looking at a single artwork. Most spend no more than five seconds. Do you remember much of that painting? How would you describe it? Do you remember the details? With Phoenix Art Museum, practice how to be observant and cherish art more.

It’s absolutely fine to browse and wander through an art museum but when you just gloss over it, it wouldn’t be such a fun experience. Here are some pointers to appreciate art:

  • Stop to spend five to ten minutes with one artwork to discuss it with someone, it can change how you see how you think and how you appreciate that object.
  • Let something catch your eye it might be something you like, it might even be something you dislike.
  • Stop to figure out what caught your eye. Start seeing – seeing requires you to use your brain to direct your eye.
  • Ask questions.
  • Process information. Take in a full view, you don’t need to look at the label first. Just enjoy moving your eye around the artwork.
  • Pick a starting point here maybe it’s the center group, why does your eye move there? Try to figure it out.

Here are questions you can ask while observing art:

  • How are the lines connected?
  • What’s my reaction to this artwork?
  • How are the colors connected to each other? Does it make the artwork cohesive?
  • Is the art conveying a story?
  • Do I find something strange in this artwork?

Be more observant of everything around you, even when you’re outside the museum. So as you wander the museum, take time to stop and focus your attention on a single artwork because it deserves more than five seconds.

How To Look At An Artwork

By: Phoenix Art Museum

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZoKElBwKCs&t=13s

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