Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

Thousand pairs of shoes are not enough for women who run the world and make it their own runway. As Carrie Bradshaw said, “You can never have enough shoes.” Every girl would freak out if you ask them to narrow down their shoes to only a few pairs. It is indeed scary.

So having a pair- maybe, multiple pairs- of shoe for every occasion is a must. Unfortunately, not all everybody has the budget or the the closet space to own every pair of shoes out there. We should know the essentials to put in our closets to satisfy both our bank accounts and the fashionista is us. This article is a quick guide on having a killer shoe game but not killing your budget.

Starting with a casual outfit.

It literally means your average everyday look. You might think that there is nothing much special about this. Casual doesn’t mean you can’t look cute and slay it every time. Your go-to sneakers are usually first choice and the one you end up wearing. You can wear any sneaker of your liking and your style.

If you don’t have one yet, the the classic white kicks can never do you wrong. It almost goes with every outfit combination there is. Also, a slide sandal is another good choice. It gives you a different vibe but still give you that casual chic look. If you feel like wearing a casual dress, you should pair it with a wedge sandals.

Giving you that easy breezy day outfit. Besides going basic and casual, chill and comfy is what women go for in most of the days. One might think that you’re planning on sleeping the whole day with this look but NOPE. Wearing your most beautiful clothes can also mean comfortable when paired with either the flat sandals or the oxford/lace-up shoes.

Flat sandals vary from ballerina flats to pointed flats to ankle-strap flats.

All of these can give you an unique take on your outfit and remain comfortable the whole day.

The oxfords, a men-inspired lady shoes have a factor in them that completes any look with sophistication and minimal effort needed. You never thought sophistication and comfort can be seen together? Now you will. You can never again choose between comfort and fashion because you can have both.

A fancy meeting can feel intimidating at first, but don’t you worry the ever timeless black pumps always got your back. It can give you the sexy to your dress and the professionalism to your office attire.

Either ways the black pumps can do both.

Besides this, nude color heels also give you both but with a different vibe by elongating your legs, which is always good especially for those girls who need a boost with their height. Going for sexy and extravagant, the ankle-strap heel or any statement heel can help you achieve such look.

These heels will surely make you look like a model of your own.

Last advice is for the trendy look. Now it can be a little tricky knowing the the trends change very quickly, but keep in mind your style and it will guide you on how you will choose the trends you will wear. Trying out the newest in the market is not bad at all, not only will you have new shoes but you can also expand your knowledge of your fashion sense even if its just for you.

To achieve the best potential of your outfit you need a pair of shoes that can wrap it all together. The way you will walk is riding on the pair of shoes you’re wearing.

The world is your runway, so let them stare and watch you and your confidence strut the way to success. Remember that good shoes take you to good places, and great shoes will take you to great places. Where will you go next?

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