65 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home

65 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home

by: Lina Lecompte

Looking for interesting things to overcome boredom at home? Take a look at this.

  1. Organize makeup and throw out expired products.
  2. Clean your makeup brushes.
  3. Clean up/ orgnanize your desktop.
  4. Listen to podcasts.
  5. Organize your room.
  6. Do adult colouring books.
  7. Try face mask.
  8. Hair Mask
  9. Free up laptop storage.
  10. Clean your phone camera roll
  11. Delete apps you don’t use, organize folders.
  12. Clean your laptop keyboard/screen
  13. Make pinterest boards/ add to them
  14. Paint your nails
  15. Take a bath
  16. Do a puzzle
  17. Declutter jewelry and detangle necklaces
  18. if you have an instrument,play it
  19. Learn how to draw something
  20. Read a good book
  21. Journal
  22. Bullet journal
  23. Write product reviews for items you’ve purchased
  24. Have a photoshoot
  25. Look though family photo albums
  26. Make photo album
  27. Meditate
  28. Declutter your drawers
  29. Organize/ file lose papers
  30. Paint
  31. Create new outfits from items you already own
  32. Take buzzfeed quizzes
  33. Film a Youtube video
  34. Online Shopping
  35. Write a letter to your future self
  36. Rearrange the furniture in your room
  37. Sort out your finances (budgeting, taxes, etc.)
  38. Gain some financial literacy
  39. Learn some sign languages (ASL)
  40. Clean out/ declutter your closet
  41. Google yourself
  42. Update our resume
  43. Do something you’ve been putting off
  44. Learn something in another language
  45. Watch Youtube videos
  46. Watch Netflix
  47. Have a virtual movie night with friends by using Netflix Part (and/or Skype)!
  48. Play video games
  49. Learn new dance moves
  50. Watch or make TikToks
  51. Try new hairstyles
  52. Fix your sleep schedule
  53. Clean your email inbox (unsubscribe from email lists, open unread emails, etc.)
  54. Bake something
  55. Find new music/make new playlist
  56. Play board games/cards with your family
  57. Write thank you notes for people serving your community
  58. If you have a pet, spend tome with them
  59. Go on club penguin
  60. At home workouts
  61. Join a live fitness/yoga class
  62. Improve your flexibility
  63. Free write for a couple minutes
  64. Video call friends or family
  65. Talk to Siri

What else can you suggest? Leave your suggestions on the comment section below.

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