6 Things Money Cannot Buy

6 Things Money Cannot Buy

Money is one of the important things in our everyday lives. You have probably heard the phrase “money makes the world go round”. However, you shouldn’t be blinded by this. There are still a lot of things in the world that money cannot buy, and we should realize the importance of these things before they go away. Here are 6 things that you can’t buy with money:


“Money can’t buy happiness”. We’ve heard it all the time, and it’s actually true. Sure, it can buy you that video game console you’ve always wanted, or that expensive bag that all the celebrities use, but that’s a big misconception. Those are only material objects that bring you happiness, but it is not happiness itself. You cannot go to a store and go, “One happiness, please.” There are many billionaires in the world, with so much money that they could literally swim in it. But are they all happy with their lives? Think about that.


Wisdom is another thing that a lot of people lack. True, some of them may have intelligence, but wisdom is a different thing entirely. You gain this not through money, but through knowledge and experience. An old beggar in the streets may be wiser than a child born from a rich family, and that’s because the beggar had more experience in the world already. It is through time and age that we gain wisdom, not through coins and cash.


Intelligence is another important aspect nowadays, but this cannot be achieved through money alone. True, having money can get you to a prestigious school, but you will only be intelligent if you work hard for it. Being educated does not need money. Simply going to a library and opening a book is enough for you to learn already.


True friendship cannot be measured through money, but is measured on how much you spend with each other. My friends have been there for me even when I had nothing, and this is because we valued our friendship over any material object in the world. You might tell me that sometimes there are friendships formed through money, such as people befriending someone because they are rich. But these kind of friendships do not last. Once that person loses all their money, they lose all their friends as well. That’s because they were only after the money, and not the person themselves.


Time is irreversible. It is absolute, and there is nothing we can do to change or stop it. No matter how much money we have, everything will be lost in time. In the end, we will all meet the same fate, and wherever we’re going, we cannot take our money with us.

We must also be careful of the actions we take, because we cannot use money to go back in time and reverse what we did. All we can do is keep moving forward in life, realizing that money is not the center of the universe.


Skills, just like wisdom, is something that can be improved through time, and not money. You might be able to buy an easel for painting, or a piano for practicing music, but the skills that you need for these cannot be bought. Instead, you have to work hard in order to earn them, including some patience, discipline, and effort. There are many skillful people in the world that earn money through their skills, and not the other way around.



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